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Micro suction for blocked ears and infections

It’s only natural that when our ears feel blocked, we feel tempted to clear them ourselves by trying to remove any offending blockage using cotton buds or something similar. However, as an audiologist of more than eighteen years’ experience I am aware of the damage this practice could inflict on the ear canal and eardrum. Wax could be further forced into the ear, causing even more discomfort. It’s quite normal for the auditory canal to become blocked by the build-up of wax and skin debris, but if this is left untreated it’s possible that this could lead to the development of other conditions such as otitis externa (swimmer’s ear) which can cause pain and discharge. As a solution to issues like this I use micro-suction, a procedure I believe to be the safest and most effective solution to ensure good ear health.

Infographic About Ear Wax

How to prepare for your micro suction appointment

Before your appointment, do not use any olive oil as it can actually cause problems with the removal. It softens the wax and gravitates it to your ear drum. Please also try to avoid water near your ears. It will dry naturally.

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