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Restore your hearing

You might ask yourself, “How does addressing hearing loss affect your quality of life?”. Studies have shown that those who address their hearing loss, using hearing aids or other appropriate treatments, are able to live a more engaged, active, and social lifestyle both at work and at home. Hearing loss impacts lots of individuals and their loved ones every year, and we believe finding the appropriate solution can not only restore this key sense but enhance your overall wellbeing and memories. 

Custom rechargeable hearing aids

Clear Hearing Solution is really excited to be able to offer our clients the very first custom rechargeable hearing aids. These are a fantastic addition to the products we are able to offer to our patients.

All hearing aids are prescribed and fitted in line with REMS Protocol and are NHS approved, for added peace of mind.To find out more about our rechargeable hearing aids, just get in touch.

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New Hearing Aid Ranges

Find the right solution for you

Say ‘goodbye’ to earache and discomfort with Clear Hearing Solution, your trusted professionals serving The Vale of Glamorgan, Cowbridge and surrounding areas.

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