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Professional hearing advice, ear wax removal, and flawless rechargeable hearing aids.
The first custom rechargeable hearing aids! You were born to hear!
Why not take back control of your ear health with Clear Hearing Solution by your side.
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Professional expertise when it matters most

Many people take their hearing for granted until they lose it. It’s an issue countless number of people suffer from on a day-to-day basis. Since founding Clear Hearing Solution, I have determined to offer hearing and balance healthcare tailored to the needs of each patient personally. As an experienced audiologist, I am aware of the importance of ear health and the impact it has on general wellbeing and the quality of life.


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We care for you!

By working closely with other healthcare professionals, including ENT consultants, GP surgeries and hearing aid specialists, we won’t quit until you feel your concerns are being dealt with efficiently. 

A customer now is a customer for life

With Clear Hearing Solution, you won’t feel like a number. We treat each customer like a friend and dedicate time to build relationships that are based on trust and honesty. 

Having spent over a decade working with communities in The Vale of Glamorgan and beyond, we’ve established an excellent reputation for our personal and comprehensive services, and welcome back clients, and their family and friends, time and time again. To us, this a testament to the quality solutions that we offer and something that fills us with great pride. Regardless of the issue worrying you, our consultations are here to put you at ease and ensure you feel 100% satisfied and cared for. 

Meet Marina

Meet Marina, The Director of Clear Hearing Solution, and health professional for 20 years dealing with issues relating to hearing and balance across the Globe. And now also the author.

Marina believes, that every individual should feeling good about themselves, that’s why she start her journey as the author with four main focuses in mind:

We all should love what we do staying true to who we are finding the unique solution for all our problems to inspire others to take control of their own life’s journey

Join Marina for her story of her journey from Russia To Wales With Love


New Hearing Aid Ranges

We're here to listen

Explain the problems you’ve been experiencing and we’ll get to the root of the cause. Book an ear examination with our team today.

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