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Treatments for tinnitus

Hearing a noise, such as buzzing or ringing, that has not been caused by an outside source can be very irritating and off putting, especially when trying to concentrate. These symptoms often relate to tinnitus, a condition experienced by individuals of all ages and from all walks of life. If you have been diagnosed with tinnitus, there are various treatment options available, depending on your age and ear health. Although the issue will often subside, if your tinnitus does not go away on its own, or if it seems to be getting worse, we can help you manage the symptoms and reduce their impact on your daily life.

Diagnosing the problem

Tinnitus is not a disease and if you are suffering from it, it is important that we investigate if a blockage, infection, middle ear problem, hearing loss or anything else is causing the issue. We use a range of diagnostic techniques to help you become less fearful about tinnitus while helping you to understand why we use these methods.

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