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Ear health for children

Your child’s school learning is imperative to their development, but issues with hearing can present many obstacles for this process. In addition to processing sound, ear conditions in children can also lead to issues with speech and communication, which is why resolving the problem quickly is ever more important. 

Glue Ear

Glue ear is often linked to ear infections and is one of the most common childhood conditions. By carrying out a thorough examination and other assessments such as a tympanometry test and a hearing test, the team at Clear Hearing Solution should be able to tell if glue ear is present and explain the results of the tests used. Your child’s hearing assessment will be tailored to their development age, and once concluded, we will find the best possible treatment.

Free ear healthcare for foster children

For over 24 years Wales has become my home and I have seen many people in our clinic who are fostering children. To help make a positive impact on these children’s lives, I have set up a charitable trust designed to give every local foster child free ear healthcare. I hope to give something back to the local community and make a change for the better in this world. For further information about free ear healthcare for foster children, please call our landline. Proof of papers will need to be provided.

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