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Listening is sexy


Ask most people you know if they think wearing a hearing can be sexy and our guess is they’ll say, “No way!”.
It’s probably because they don’t know much about hearing aids and their response is probably a knee jerk reaction but read below to find out five reasons why they are wrong, and you might want to consider wearing hearing aids as part of keeping you feeling sexy!

Effective communication
To feel sexy you need to be able to communicate effectively. Nothing beats sexy, whispered comments in your ear at any time of the day but if you can’t hear them, or keep having to say ‘pardon’ or ‘what did you say?’, it’s kind of a mood killer. But by wearing discreet, often invisible, hearing aids will mean that you can hear those romantic whispers from your partner and act on them accordingly.

A romantic dinner
Ever been in a restaurant with a new date, or your current one, and, even though the conversations around you are quiet or there’s quiet music playing in the background, you can’t hear your partner when he, she or they are talking to you? Then, that’s a real buzz kill. Not only can you not hear those comments, but you might not even be able to hear your favourite tune being played, which, as we all know, adds ambience. This can impact on your confidence and have a negative effect on the whole evening.

The hearing aids that we use at Clear Hearing Solution are so well advanced (with the very latest technology) and are so discreet, that they go beyond general amplification. They are specifically programmed for your level of hearing loss which can help not only your confidence but your love life!

We all know that self-confidence is an attractive quality to possess. Hearing loss however can deplete it and make a person withdrawn, and even depressed. If you are self-conscious about your hearing loss, this might impact the way you think about yourself, your relationships, and your self-esteem. Self-confidence can be a big attraction and hearing loss can make you self-conscious rather than confident. Please don’t worry. If you work with us and choose a hearing aid which is difficult for other people to see, then they will see you before they see your hearing aids – making you grow in confidence and appearing more self-confident. What a boost to your sex appeal that could be!

Sexy technology
Modern hearing aids are discreet. They’ve also been designed with lots of pretty cool features. At Clear Hearing Solution, we work with some of the best in the business. Whatever your concerns are about wearing hearing aids, we can work with you to put your mind at rest. You may be concerned about their visibility; whether you can use them in the shower, whether you can use them if you have sensitive skin or whether they have other built-in features which might be important to you.

You might also be a fashionista and the thing that your really concerned about is what colours they come in, and how you can accessorise your outfits! All concerns are valid, and we realise how important they are to each of our clients.

Not looking or feeling old
This is a concern that we hear quite often. Many people feel that wearing hearing aids can make them feel and look old. Nobody wants to have to say ‘pardon?’, ‘what?’ or ‘eh?’ or not be able to hear what someone is saying to them or around them. Nor does anyone wants to have to turn the TV up to your desired volume while everyone else in the room is tutting or asking you to turn the volume down. Or when you have to ask your partner, family members or friends to keep repeating themselves. There’s really nothing worse for making someone feel like they’re getting old. After all, we all know that’s what old people do. Right? Here’s when a lot of people just check out and shrink into themselves. That’s not necessary.

Here at Clear Hearing Solution, our professional, experienced audiologist, Marina Storina, has access to an excellent range of the best hearing aids on the market and can help you overcome many of the issues raised above. Her vast experience means you’re getting the best quality testing, service, and access to the best hearing technology available.

Contact us today to schedule a free hearing test to get you started.

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