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Customs By ReSound, The High Tech Clear Hearing Solution

At Clear Hearing Solution we are always investing in the latest and best technology to offer our clients. That’s why we are delighted to now be working with ReSound, who have devoted the past 150 years to making life sound better, connecting people worldwide to a life without limitations.

Marina Storina Author & Audiologist
Marina Storina, Audiologist and published author

In this video, Dr. Cliff shares how the Customs by ReSound hearing aids are designed to treat your hearing loss with a device that looks like a wireless earbud. He also discusses why these hearing aids are worthwhile to look into.

Did know you know that ever since Apple released their AirPods back in 2016, we have seen a dramatic spike in the number of individuals using wireless earbuds? About five years ago, the increased use of wireless earbuds in social situations, especially when having a conversation, was surrounded by a stigma that has since gone away. Nowadays, more people are comfortable having a conversation with someone who is wearing earbuds.

In this video, Dr. Cliff shares how the Customs by ReSound hearing aids are designed to treat your hearing loss with a device that looks like a wireless earbud. He also discusses why these hearing aids are worthwhile to look into.

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Suffering with hearing issues, for many, can be a thing of the past

Dr. Cliff mentions how Customs by ReSound are the coolest looking custom hearing aids on the market since they do not look like traditional hearing aids.

There are a lot of benefits associated with using a custom hearing aid that looks like an earbud to treat your hearing loss. Here are just a few of them:

Benefit #1 Hearing Loss Stays a Secret:

If you do not want someone else knowing you have a hearing loss or that you have to wear hearing aids to treat a hearing loss, you would not have to worry as others would just think you are wearing a pair of wireless earbuds instead.

Since the use of wireless earbuds is so common, no one would question your use of them or if you are using them as an amplification function to treat your hearing loss.

Benefit #2 Completely Inside Your Ears:

The wireless earbuds sit entirely inside of your ears.

Some hearing aids that go behind your ears can interfere with things like glasses, hats, visors, and headbands.

Freeing up space on top of or behind your ears can be beneficial, especially if you wear a face mask going into places.

Benefit #3 All Day Access to Stream Audio:

You have all day access to stream audio directly from your smart device into both ears.

This feature can be beneficial, especially when you are trying to listen to something on your phone in public spaces, as it gives you the ability to stream the audio directly to both of your ears at a volume you can hear clearly at, without bothering those around you.

As amazing as it would be to treat your hearing loss with a pair of wireless earbuds, the bad news is that technology like this does not exist yet. However, ReSound has created a premium, custom pair of hearing aids that are designed to look like ear buds.

Here are some of the benefits of the Customs by ReSound hearing aids:

They are capable of treating even the most complex cases of hearing loss while looking exactly like a wireless earbud.

These hearing aid devices have a faceplate similar to Jabra with a nice size push button that helps you adjust the volume and settings for your hearing aids.

There are a variety of colour options to choose from. This way if you want to make these devices look more like a hearing aid and less like a wireless earbud, you can do that too.

They are significantly more comfortable than any wireless earbud currently out in the market, since they are custom made for your ears.

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High tech design and manufacturing solutions ensures discreet hearing solutions

To make the Customs by ReSound hearing aids, your hearing care professional will complete either one of the following options:

Take a custom ear mould impression of your ears using a silicone material.

Use a 3D scanner to take a digital impression of your ears that can be sent to ReSound.

Both of these options will help ReSound create a custom pair of hearing aids just for you.

Here are some additional features of the Customs by ReSound hearing aids:

ReSound has made their custom hearing aids rechargeable with a lithium battery that provides all day battery life, even if using streaming.

There is a custom charger that comes with the Customs by ReSound hearing aids.

Once the digital scans are sent to ReSound, a custom insert is built to go inside of the charging case, so it has consistent and stable charging.

They are compatible with both Apple and Android devices so you can stream any kind of audio directly from your phone into both of your ears.

These hearing aids look more like a wireless earbud but perform like a traditional hearing aid.

If you are someone who has been putting off treating your hearing loss since you do not like the idea of wearing hearing aids but enjoy wearing earbuds, then we encourage you to discuss the Customs by ReSound hearing aids as an option with your hearing care professional.

Hear more about the Customs by ReSound hearing aids and how they can be the perfect match for you.

Here’s the video: https://youtu.be/EZgu4Ov3Dzc

If you are interested in discussing how the new ReSound hearing aids could help you, then please get in touch with us at Clear Hearing Solutions, The Goodsheds, Barry on 01446 688450.


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