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Does Olive Oil remove the wax from my ears?

Ear wax removal

To answer that question, we need to understand why the ear wax is in your ear. What is the wax made of?

First of all, wax is an acidic by nature which is aimed to protect your ears from alkane, caused by moisture or infections. It also contains some oils already. Putting more olive oil or oily products in your ears DOES NOT clear the ear wax, it is a myth!

Moreover, pouring tons of oil for days, weeks or even months, will soften the ear wax and when you sleep, gravitating it to your ear drum. This will affect your balance, stopping you from hearing, create infection in your ears as well as stopping your Eustachian tube remaining healthy.

STOP POURING Olive Oil into your ears.

If you are in Barry, Cardiff, Cowbridge, Penarth or Vale of Glamorgan, see a specialist who deals with this for over 19 years. Stop your problems once and for all.

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