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Listening is sexy


Ask most people you know if they think wearing a hearing can be sexy and our guess is they’ll say, “No way!”. It’s probably because they don’t know much about hearing aids and their response is probably a knee jerk reaction but read below to find out five reasons why they are wrong, and you […]

Hearing Aids Help Reduce Dementia

Dementia 3051832 Sml

Barry based Audiologist, Marina Storina from Clear Hearing Solution has sent out a plea to anyone struggling with hearing loss, after a new study has found that wearing hearing aids could help reduce the risk of dementia. Marina’s plea, which follows a study published by The Lancet, showed that people with hearing loss who used […]

Does Olive Oil remove the wax from my ears?

Ear wax removal

To answer that question, we need to understand why the ear wax is in your ear. What is the wax made of? First of all, wax is an acidic by nature which is aimed to protect your ears from alkane, caused by moisture or infections. It also contains some oils already. Putting more olive oil […]

Customs By ReSound, The High Tech Clear Hearing Solution

At Clear Hearing Solution we are always investing in the latest and best technology to offer our clients. That’s why we are delighted to now be working with ReSound, who have devoted the past 150 years to making life sound better, connecting people worldwide to a life without limitations. In this video, Dr. Cliff shares […]

Clear Hearing Solution On Facebook!

Marina Storina Audiologist And Author

If you haven’t already visited our Facebook page, it would be great if you could check in. We regularly post advice, tips, news and competitions. So please visit our Facebook page by clicking here and like, follow and share to keep up to date with all things auditory. Marina Storina Want to book an appointment?Please […]

Vale Life Cover Stars!

Marina Audiologist & Dog

You may have seen Coco and I on the autumn 2022 cover of Vale Life magazine. If not, here is a link you can follow to view and also read the feature inside: https://bit.ly/3YQWYjE Don’t forget!You can like and follow Clear Hearing Solution on Facebook too!Just click here.

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